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Fort Pierce Dentist

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Dentist in Fort Pierce

Results are the priority here at the office of Schwerer Dental Care. That may sound obvious, but going through the motions is of no value. For example, if you brush your teeth incorrectly, you’re not getting any benefit. Our Fort Pierce dentist provides an array of services focused on results so that you can have the best chance for having strong, healthy teeth free of cavities and vibrant, pink, disease-free gums.

Prevention is our focus, because there is no treatment that is more effective than needing no treatment at all. Just come in two times per year for a complete oral examination and teeth cleaning. It’s simple, but it works. The chances of having cavities due to tooth decay, or gum disease are far less when you dedicate yourself to visits to our Fort Pierce dentist on a six month schedule. Of course, it isn’t realistic to expect to never have a cavity or need restorations. The tooth filled promptly is the one that tends to avoid toothaches, infections, and the need for root canal therapy or a tooth extraction. If you do need either of those procedures, though, you can count on gentle, expert care from our Fort Pierce dentist. Our gum treatments are designed to promote their wellness and keep them strong. With crowns (caps), bridges, and dentures, restoring teeth, including entire teeth, is easy. Or for the most advanced method of all for giving you back your full smile, implants are the way to go. There is also much to be said about having a set of teeth that look the way you want them to. Our tooth-colored fillings and crowns blend in seamlessly. You can have the most appealing smile you’re capable of achieving with porcelain veneers and teeth whitening. Invisalign, the revolutionary alternative to traditional braces, give you a more properly aligned smile with clear braces that let you go about your business without anyone knowing there is anything on your teeth. And don’t forget your gums. They’re just as important to your oral health as your teeth are.

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