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Preventive care in Fort Pierce

We at Schwerer Dental Care can assure you of excellence, expertise, and the benefit of experience when it comes to treatment, but wouldn’t it be best if you didn’t need the treatments at all? Of course it would. And that is the reason why preventive care is so crucial. It includes the work we do here as well as what you do at home. Together, the result is healthier teeth and gums.

Any discussion about prevention begins and ends with dental plaque, because it is this film-like bacteria that causes tooth decay, which is how cavities form. It also irritates and reddens gums, the two most obvious signs of gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. There are two ways to address dental plaque. Eat less sugar (and starch) so that less of it will develop. And engage in an effective strategy of oral hygiene every day. It consists of brushing your teeth when you wake up, and when you go to sleep. Our Fort Pierce dental office also highly recommends that you brush after meals. The second component is to floss at bedtime. You’ll be able to eliminate all plaque that way, though some may hide away in gum pockets and otherwise out of reach of your hygiene regimen. That hidden plaque eventuality turns into hardened tartar. And the only way to eradicate it is with a teeth cleaning at our Fort Pierce┬ádental office. Show up two times per year, and say goodbye to tartar buildup. In addition, our teeth cleanings reverse the effects of gingivitis. In the process, that leads to preventing possible inflammation, infection, receding gums, bleeding while brushing, persistent bad breath, and more, all of which are symptoms of later stage gum disease, periodontitis.

Reach out to our Fort Pierce dental office to schedule an oral examination and teeth cleaning. Why not do it now, while it’s on your mind?

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